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Our teeth are made to endure a lot, but as we get older our enamel wears away and we may find ourselves in need of a tooth replacement. If this happens, you’ll want to find the best family dental clinic in Anthem to make the best recommendation for you.

Dental implantation is a process in which your tooth is replaced because it is decaying or exhibiting the need for removal in some way. The treatment process includes the removal of your bad tooth and the implantation of a small post which serves as a substitute for the root of the tooth. After a few months, the post will have fused with the bone, creating an anchor which will then be topped with a custom-made crown.

Dental implant surgery can be a life-changing experience for so many patients. When your tooth is decaying, it can cause difficulty with normal day-to-day activities because of the pain or lack of comfortability while, for example, chewing. One of the biggest improvements our patients see after receiving an implant is a newfound ability to eat foods that were formerly restrictive. We recommend that, although it may be exciting to be able to eat what you want again, you should refrain from eating foods that are crunchy or excessively chewy for the first few months. Examples of foods to avoid are most raw vegetables, fibrous meats, dried fruits, gummy candy, and anything consumed from a straw.

Aside from implants, there are similar procedures that your dentist may recommend such as a bridge or dentures. A traditional bridge uses the adjacent teeth to support and stabilize the false tooth in between. This treatment will last anywhere from five to seven years, compared to a dental implant which can last up to a lifetime. A denture is typically recommended when more than one tooth needs to be replaced and is a removable substitution for your missing teeth.

Some patients worry that a false tooth will be easily noticeable and stand out, giving their teeth a contrasting, unflattering look. Rest assured that implant technology has been, and continues to make advancements that now allow them to look and function like natural teeth. As the best family dental clinic in Anthem, we’ll make sure that your teeth look and feel how you want them to!

Avoiding these treatments altogether is possible if you take regular care of your teeth. Maintaining your dental hygiene by brushing and flossing regularly and visiting your family dental clinic in Anthem twice a year can help you prevent future tooth decay. For more information regarding our dental services and treatments, give us a call at (623)469-6090 today!


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