Children's Teeth: Finding a Family Dental Clinic in Anthem

Tooth decay remains the most common chronic disease in children (ages 2-11 years old), despite the fact that it is totally preventable. To combat and prevent this issue it is important to find an appropriate family dental clinic in Anthem that you can count on.

Finding the right dental care for tooth decay is important for anyone, no matter what age. If you don’t seek treatment for your cavities at your family dental clinic in Anthem, they will continue to grow and cause symptoms such as tooth sensitivity or pain and eventually, your tooth will die and fall out. However, tooth decay is completely preventable with proper tooth care.

Tooth decay is caused by a combination of issues. Your mouth naturally grows its own bacteria. This bacteria combines with sugars when you eat and drink to create plaque on your teeth. Until the plaque is cleaned off of your teeth, it will continue to grow.

Eventually, this plaque will harden into tartar, a hardened plaque that shields the bacteria and allows it to continue growing, even if you clean your teeth.

You can avoid tooth decay with a combination of important steps. Firstly, it is important to find a family dental clinic in Anthem that you trust. Secondly, it is important to limit the amount of sugary drinks and snacks you consume. This sugar feeds the bacteria in your mouth which creates plaque.

So, how early should you be introducing brushing and flossing habits to your children? Although it is common for many parents to wait until their children are 2-3 to start brushing their teeth, it is actually best to start as soon as their first tooth comes through! When bottle feeding, the bacteria from milk and other liquids can cause tooth decay, often called baby bottle tooth decay.

You can start this process by utilizing very soft bristled toothbrushes. The key is to create a stress free association with tooth care at a young age so that they like to do it as they get older. Your dental office can provide the best guidance on your child’s needs. This being said, it is important to find a family dental clinic in Anthem early so that you are prepared to expose your children to the dentist at a young age.

Utilizing a family dental clinic in Anthem provides a gentle transition to the dentist because your children can watch various dental services being performed on you.

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