Add ‘Oral Health’ to Your List of Resolutions!

The holidays are behind us and we are about to ring in the New Year.  As you begin to think about what resolutions you want to make in 2020, add ‘oral health’ to your list.  Let the NewYear help bring awareness to the importance of good oral health for you and your family’s well-being!

Here at Anthem Smile, Dr. Darren Flowers feels strongly that good oral hygiene is important year-round.  By using simple preventive care strategies NOW, you can start to improve your odds of preventing dental problems LATER in life.

What Should You Focus on for a Healthier Smile in 2020?

·     Brush 2x a day – Be sure to brush your teeth for two minutes, at least two times a day.  It is ideal to brush your teeth in the morning, shortly after you wake up, and also before you go to sleep for the night.  Divide brushing your teeth into four quadrants: top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right.  Spend approximately 30 seconds brushing each section thoroughly.  It’s important to also brush your tongue!  To prevent teeth staining, it is best to brush your teeth after drinking tea, coffee, wine or any other stain-causing foods and drinks.

·     Floss at least 1x a day – Use an 18-inch piece of floss to gently glide in between your teeth.  By removing food debris from in between your teeth and along your gums, you are lessening your chances of tartar build up, cavities and gingivitis.  Flossing can be done before or after brushing your teeth – it’s important to just make it a daily healthy habit.  Set your floss in a location that is easily visible, so that you do not forget to do it.

·     Attend 2 dental cleanings a year – In order to stay on top of your gum and teeth health, it is important to visit your dentist to have an examination and your teeth cleaned at least two times a year. During the examinations, dental professionals will check for cavities, tartar or plaque on (or in between) your teeth. In addition, your gums, tongue and mouth will be checked to determine your overall oral health.  Routine X-rays should also be taken to ensure optimal dental care.

Why is Preventive Dental Care So Critical?

Good oral health habits start at a young age.  Be sure to set your family up for dental care success by encouraging everyone to brush and floss their teeth regularly, as well as attend two dental cleanings a year. Not only can preventive care lessen your chances of oral diseases, but it can also save you money.  By attending routine treatments at your local dentist and following through with good home care (brushing and flossing regularly), your chances of needing emergency or restorative dental treatments down the road are much less likely.  Preventive oral health habits lead to better overall oral health throughout a person’s life.

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Now that you know the importance of good oral health and why it should be a focus for you and your family in 2020, what are you waiting for?  Book an appointment with Dr.Flowers at Anthem Smile today!  With nearly 20 years of experience serving patients in the Anthem, Arizona region,Dr. Flowers is your go-to family dentist. Routine dental cleanings, X-rays, root canals, teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry are just some of the dental services offered in our friendly office.  Here’s to healthy and bright smiles in 2020!

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