The Importance of Flossing to your Dentist in Anthem, AZ

Flossing is very important to your dentist in Anthem AZ, at Anthem Smile, our dentists want to provide assistance with your dental hygiene. We care immensely regarding the overall health of your teeth, gums and oral tissues. Our dental offices provide our patients with a memorable experience.

Our dental services include dental cleanings, wisdom tooth removal, dental implants, teeth whitening, and other high quality services. Anthem Dental strives to make patients feel comfortable and want to provide them with exquisite dental care. Your oral health is a top priority to Anthem Smile dentists.

The bacteria between your teeth can negatively impact your QQ enamel, which is why your dentist in Anthem AZ always recommends you floss after each meal to let you know there is no food stuck in your teeth. Flossing is an impeccable way to know that you do not have any detrimental cavities in your mouth.  Flossing removes the amount of plaque in your mouth, and can be a source of gum disease.

While brushing your teeth everyday is very important, your dentist in Anthem AZ also wants you to gain valuable imperative knowledge on how to floss accurately. Initially disassemble your floss by breaking off 18-24 inches of dental floss. Subsequently separate your floss, you then must clasp the floss between your index finger and thumbs.

Carefully place the strand of floss between your teeth in order to initiate the process. Apply pressure on equal sides of each tooth. Transform the floss into a curved shape and start the insertion of the floss within the space between the gap of your gum and your tooth.

If you have braces, your dentist in Anthem, AZ suggests you undergo the flossing process differently. Dislodge food remnants from between the teeth by continuously twist sting stray ends that shift the floss up and down.

After you have completed the flossing process with braces, gently remove the floss from between the teeth and wire.

It is highly recommended that you make it a habit to floss and then brush your teeth. Dental floss comes in many diverse varieties.  There are many different kinds of dental floss.

Dental tape makes flossing with braces easier and more convenient for your wires. Standard floss is a thin floss that can be efficiently inserted located between teeth and oral gaps. This category of floss positively affects teeth that are in close vicinity to one another.

Super flosses, which work immaculately with braces, bridges and gaps. This form of floss has three relevant qualities which makes flossing more proficient. It has a stiff and solid end for reaching under metal appliances, a spongy portion to make your way around appliances, and a regular nylon floss property to remove plaque. This flossing process is imperative and necessary for the necessary sanitation of your mouth.

Anthem Smile recommends that you also use a water flosser. Water flossers dislodge enamel and food pieces between the teeth. Water flossers are extremely useful if you have braces or other appliances in the mouth.

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