6 Ways to Improve Your Dental Health

Your teeth
are one of your best assets. Taking good care of them in every way
possible is a responsibility that must be borne by all of us .

Follow these simple tips by Flower Dentistry to improve your dental health and enjoy a refreshing breath and smile all day long.

1. Floss Daily

helps to remove plaque between the teeth and gumline where your
toothbrush can’t reach easily. When left alone, plaque can become harder
and turn into tartar under the gumline surface. Therefore, if you floss
daily, it will help you prevent tooth decay and gingivitis. There’s
also another way out if you don’t like flossing: an oral irrigator. This
sprays water to remove plaque between your teeth and gumline. You can
also use mouthwash instead of water for more effective cleaning.

2. Timely Visits to Your Dentist

for routine cleaning every six months to maintain good oral health and a
beautiful smile. These routine cleaning procedures will help you
completely get rid of tartar which can cause periodontal disease. The
accumulation of tartar can also develop unsightly and swollen bleeding
gums. In addition, to remove tartar and stains from your teeth, our
dental hygienist can also diagnose other health conditions such as the
risk of oral cancer, which can be brought on as a result of poor dental
care and hygiene.

3. Quality Toothbrushes

toothbrushes have an edge over regular ones when it comes to thorough
cleaning. There’s plenty of variety to choose from. Many feature modes
for whitening teeth or accommodating sensitive teeth. Oscillators are
also an effective remedy for tooth cleaning as they feature
bi-directional rotating heads. They are also cost-effective as the
structure is made from material that can last for years. All you have to
do is replace heads at regular intervals.

4. Choose Whitening Products Carefully

White teeth
are a sign of a healthy smile but you should also know what teeth
whitening product is most suitable for you. There is a large variety of
products to choose from  including toothpastes, gel pens, mouth rinses,
custom trays and laser whitening. Visit Flower Dentistry and let Dr.
Darren L. Flowers pick a product that’s best suited to your needs.

Even the
choices are overwhelming, each product has specific purposes that are
meant for targeting certain areas. For example, custom trays and laser
whitening can provide very positive  results along with strengthening

5. Quit Smoking

measures are also important when it comes to caring for your teeth.
Smoking is a major cause of stained teeth and if you want a bright and
vivid smile, you should quit smoking. At times, these superficial stains
can be polished off by a professional dentist but they can also
penetrate deep into the enamel. Smoking can damage even the healthiest
gums causing them to recede which lead to developing large pockets
around the teeth. You’re inviting more diseases and infections down the

6. Limit Beverages

Tea, coffee
and red wine are common tooth strainers just like smoking. These can
also cause permanent staining of your tooth enamel, therefore it is
better to limit regular consumption. Additionally, brush at least twice a
day, once before bedtime, and once right after waking up. In some
cases, it is advisable to brush after each meal.

For dental issues like bad breath,
scaling, alignment and many others, Flower Dentistry can provide
high-end treatment by the most experienced and well-trained professional
dentists in the industry. It is important to improve your dental
health. Give us a
call now at (623) 551-8000 to book your appointment.


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