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No one desires an emergency trip to the dentist's office, but it's something that is always good to be prepared for. When an emergency does eventually arise, it is pivotal that you have an emergency dentist on call and ready for you. The appointment and location should be the last thing you need to worry about during a dental emergency. With expert emergency dental care, Anthem Smile provides steller treatment, making them a premier emergency dentist in Anthem Arizona.

When a dental emergency happens, panic and anxiety can ensue. Having an emergency dentist that is on call during weekends, has great hours during the week, and is extremely helpful, is key when attempting to get your oral back on track fast. We even do our best to offer same day appointments to help you get treated as soon as possible. In addition, we offer tips on our website on how to care for some dental emergencies that may need immediate action.

For most, the first thought when a sudden dental emergency happens is to go to the emergency room. This may not always be the best option or make the most sense, however. In many cases, the emergency room may be overcrowded, have long waiting times, and be chaotic.

This valuable time spent waiting could have negative implications on your future oral health. By making Anthem Smile your emergency dentist in Anthem, you likely reduce those waiting times drastically. Emergency dental care can seem scary, but it's important to remember that sometimes simple fixes may not be enough.

Over the counter medication or ice packs may provide quick short term relief, but an absence of a longer term solution can leave lasting side effects. Seeing a dentist, especially one ready for emergencies, can keep your smile at its best. Let Anthem Smile dentistry take care of you, so you can be confident your smile will be in good hands for the foreseeable future.

At Anthem Smile, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality care for all of our patients. This is especially true with emergency dental patients. Our head dentist, Dr. Flowers has nineteen years of experience in Anthem, Az. With this experience he can ensure that you end up feeling relieved that your smile and teeth are healthy again.

Not only is it critical that you have an emergency dentist, but it’s also vital that your entire family does. Here at Anthem Smile, we take a family first approach to everything we do. Emergency dentistry can seem scary, but let Dr. Flowers of Anthem Smile relieve the worry for you, and your entire family.

Anthem Smile is geared towards being your emergency dentist in Anthem. One of our primary goals is to make the process of contacting us, scheduling an appointment, and locating us as simple and convenient as possible. We provide you with the tools to be prepared for a dental emergency. With almost all information on our site, and the rest a phone call away, when an emergency does inevitably occur, you'll know what to do.

Whether you're located near us, or somewhere close, Anthem Smile is your one stop shop for an emergency dentist in Anthem. To view additional information on emergency dentistry or book an appointment today, visit our website or call us at (623) 469-6090. We look forward to providing you with quality dental care, no matter what the situation.


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