Common Practices at this Anthem Dental Center

General dentistry from any Anthem dental center includes the overall health and care of the teeth, gums, and all oral tissues. The most common services that are performed by a dentist are cleanings, fillings, and restoration of oral structures, such as cavities. It’s important to know what a dentist can and can’t help with, so in today’s article, we’ll be going over some of the common dental practices we utilize for any patient.

Tooth fillings are one of the most common forms of oral surgery. These are used for improving the aesthetics of the smile, correcting chipped teeth, and covering large gaps or missing teeth. A dental filling is a solid substance injected under the gum to fill in the empty cavity of an infected or missing tooth. Some fillings are made from gold, amalgam, composite, or resin. These fillings protect the underlying tooth tissue and help to maintain the teeth and their natural function.

Dental implants are another popular procedure that we cover. Implants look just like your natural teeth, and function the same way so that you can go forward with a happy, healthy looking smile. This process is especially useful for those that have lost teeth or patients with extreme tooth decay. Dental implants are a long-lasting solution to these issues. They can last for years with the proper maintenance.

Teeth whitening is one of our common cosmetic dentistry procedures that we’re very proud of. Receiving a brand new smile from an Anthem dental center sounds painful, but with teeth whitening, you keep your current teeth and just upgrade your appearance. When you meet someone, they notice your smile first. Why wouldn’t you want to show off the cleanest smile you can?

Root canal treatment is used at any Anthem dental center, and Anthem Smile is no different. Your teeth can become infected due to poor oral hygiene or an issue with the root of your tooth. Our doctor will need to drill into your tooth to reach the root, and then clean out any tartar or debris to prepare the tooth for a filling. They would then use a specialized cement to seal off the tooth and protect the filling so it can last longer than your original roots.

Surprisingly enough, sleep apnea can often be treated by the right Anthem dental center. Since this issue is caused by relaxed or loose muscles in the back of your throat, our dentist can help. Common symptoms of sleep apnea include irritability, poor work performance, and morning headaches. Seeking help for this issue can potentially save your life!

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