Are Dental Implants as Strong as Real Teeth?

When you have a missing tooth, you’re faced with some important questions: When should I get it replaced? How should I get it replaced? Which dental practice can I trust with such an important job?  Here at Anthem Smile, we are committed to treating you with the best dental care possible.  Dr. Darren L.Flowers, DMD and his team will take the time to consult with you and thoroughly assess your teeth to come up with the best plan of action to get you smiling again!

Tooth loss is pretty common and affects many people at various points in their lives.  Severe gum disease, failed root canals, accidents and sport-related injuries involving the mouth are some major causes of tooth loss. Routine dental visits (here at Anthem Smile, we recommend bi-annual dental check-ups for our patients), as well as proper oral health care habits at home can greatly reduce your chances of preventable dental mishaps, resulting in tooth loss.  

Commonly, there are three main ways that missing teeth can be replaced:  dental bridges, dentures and dental implants.  Dr.Flowers will consider the location of your missing teeth, condition of your surrounding teeth and the number of missing teeth to help determine which dental procedure is best for you.  It is also important to think about durability, materials and maintenance required to maintain these replacement teeth.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are typically used when there are missing teeth in one general area of the mouth.  Bridges are essentially “fake teeth,” referred to as pontics, that are held in place by dental crowns.  Depending on the number of missing teeth you have and where they are located, the pontics can be cemented to neighboring teeth to fill in the gaps in your mouth. Although this procedure does not require surgery, dental bridges will need to be replaced approximately every 5-7 years.


Dentures are removable false teeth.  They are usually made of plastic or a mixture of metal and plastic.  The false teeth are fitted to a plate that is held in place with a clasp, which secures them to your mouth.  It is important to care for your dentures as you would your real teeth with regular brushing for two minutes, two times a day.  Recovery time with dentures is much shorter than other tooth replacement options. However, dentures can alter your speech, hinder your chewing and cause slight discomfort.

Dental Implants

A dental implant is a permanent, artificial new root (made of titanium) for a missing tooth.  When we perform a dental implant procedure, we surgically fuse the titanium screw into your jawbone.  A crown is then placed on top of the dental implant.  Dental implants are aesthetically pleasing and are the most natural looking tooth replacement option.  They require very little maintenance since they can last a lifetime without replacement if properly cared for at home.

Which is the BEST Tooth Replacement Solutions 

Compared to dental bridges and dentures, dental implants make it easier to speak and chew, as well as feel comfortable in the mouth.  Implants are the strongest solution available today because they are made of titanium and they are more commonly used for appearance and sustainability reasons.  Dental implants are anchored to your jawbone instead of your tooth’s roots, which allows them to be stronger and even withstand more pressure than your natural teeth.

As an implant dentist, Dr. Flowers will determine the appropriate solution for your smile by assessing the condition of your surrounding teeth and your overall dental health history.  Through the use of durable dental implants and our extensive knowledge and expertise in this area, your smile can be corrected at Anthem Smile dental office!  Dr. Flowers and his dental team are happy to provide superior service to the Anthem, Arizona region.  Please contact us via our website, or call our office directly at(623) 469-6305 to schedule a consultation to learn more about dental implants today.


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