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Going to the dentist bi-yearly is an essential part of maintaining your oral health. At Anthem Smile Arizona, we offer a variety of dental services to help keep your teeth beautiful and strong! From cosmetic procedures to implants to general dentistry, we provide treatment options for any concerns our patient’s may have. Our attention to detail and focus on providing the highest quality care are why so many in our community regard us as the best dentist in Anthem.

Having a reliable and comfortable dentist practice is our foremost priority. We develop thorough treatment plans with our patient’s to address their concerns and assist them with any issues they may be experiencing. Our approach to patient care is thoughtful, comprehensive, and above all, reliable. Our office prides itself on its reputation as the best dentist in Anthem.

Looking to brighten your smile? We provide whitening services to give your teeth that extra fresh glow! Our whitening process involves prescription whitening gel put inside of a soft tray, we then fit the tray over your teeth and let it stay in place overnight. The tray is then taken out and any remaining gel is cleaned from your teeth. This process is extremely effective and can be done in one session or in some cases multiple sessions. This is just one example of the many cosmetic dentistry services we offer!

For general dentistry, Anthem Smile Arizona provides patients with the highest quality preventative care to keep up with their oral health needs and ensure their teeth are in the best shape possible! Our main goal is to encourage proper oral hygiene and health to limit the chances of contracting oral disease. We are the best dentist in Anthem for preventative care because we offer a preventative care program that gives patients a long term treatment plan to stay on top of their health. Our preventative care plan includes 6 month check ups, cleanings, and yearly X-rays. 

Additionally, we offer our preventative care program to younger patients who need services such as sealants or mouth guards. Sealants can protect molars in younger patients and will prevent cracking or broken teeth. Mouth guards can be useful for patients who participate in sports and have higher chances of forceful collisions that could damage their teeth.

Experiencing a dental emergency? Our practice also provides services to restore and in some cases reconstruct damaged teeth. Dental emergencies can be incredibly painful and overwhelming, that’s why our staff aims to make them as stress free as possible. If the emergency occurs during the week we are most likely able to offer same day appointments! For emergencies during weekends or holidays you can call our office and our on-call dental professional will walk you through your next steps. 

Anthem Smile Arizona is dedicated to assisting our community’s dental needs and keeping our patients happy and healthy. Interested in booking an appointment with us? Give us a call at 623-469-6090 or visit us at 3618 W Anthem Way #D132. To learn more about the services we offer click here


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