Summer Activities that Can Ruin Teeth

With summer here in just a few weeks, your calendar will fill up with fun and sun. Picnics, sunbathing, barbecues and so much more. What you need to be aware of are some of these summer activates can impact the health of your smile. You do not need to avoid the pool or backyard bashes, but you should do what you can to help protect your oral health. Flowers Dentistry wants to help.

Summer Activates That Can Ruin Your Teeth

Here are a list of some summer activates to watch for:

1. Swimming

Chlorine causes enamel erosion. Though it does kill off bacteria in the pool, it is also acidic. Swimming too often in the highly chlorinated water will soften the enamel over time. Remember to swim with your mouth closed and rinse with clean water after you dip in the pool.

Summer Activities that Can Ruin Teeth

2. Summer Sports

Badminton and Frisbee might seem innocuous enough, until you take a racquet or disk to the teeth. Contact sports like soccer and football are more dangerous. Also sports like biking, boarding and even basketball can lead to dental trauma. So do what you can to protect your head and your smile. Consider getting a custom mouth guard from Dr. Flowers for your summer recreation.

3. Sports Drinks

With sports, recreation, and hot weather also comes an increase in the use of sports drinks. These beverages are also acidic, and more frequent use during the summer leads to a higher risk of enamel erosion. Try cutting back and, when you do need to hydrate, drink them quickly and dilute them with water.

4. Ice Cubes

Chewing on ice is bad for your teeth. The cold substance can cause micro fractures and chipping. So avoid chewing ice cubes, it may be fun but it is harmful.

5. Kebabs

Another thing to watch for during summer is the food you eat. Grilled meat like steak and pork easily stick between teeth and can cause infection. Keep dental floss handy to help clear away food particles after your evening BBQ. Also cut back on BBQ sauce, because it often contains sugary ingredients like molasses and honey, and tooth-staining tomatoes.

6. Corn on the Cob

It is delicious, especially freshly cooked and coated in butter. However it gets stuck between teeth. It is particularly harmful for patients with dentures and braces. Corn on the cob can loosen dentures and break brackets. Corn is also processed by the body as a form of sugar, which can compromise tooth enamel.

7. Wine Tasting

If summer break takes you vacationing in wine country, think about how tough the acids can be on your teeth. Swirling wine around your mouth might bring out the taste of the wine, but it also coats teeth in with the eroding acids. Not to mention the dental stains caused by red wine.

8. Seasonal Drinks

The cool drink and lemonade stands rule the day come summer. These types of beverages often contain three times the amount of citric acid and sugar. So instead of sweet tea, switch for a cool glass of water to help keep your mouth healthy.

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