Root Canals

Root Canals in Anthem, Arizona

Stop Pain and Decay with Root Canals

Teeth can sometimes become infected or inflamed. This can be caused
either by improper oral hygiene or a defect at the root of the tooth.
Cracks in the tooth and extensive dental procedures are also known to
cause this kind of problem. When it happens, the root spaces of the
tooth have to be
In order to accomplish this, Dr. Darren Flowers in Anthem, Ariz., will
drill into the tooth and use small instruments to work into the root
structure of the tooth. The root canal spaces are then cleaned out and
everything within is removed to prepare the tooth for filling. A
biocompatible material is then used to fill in the root canal spaces so
the tooth is once again whole. To seal off the tooth and protect the
filling from being exposed, specialized cement is used on your tooth.
With proper care, your root canal can last as long as, or even longer
than, your natural roots.

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When Would You Need a Root Canal?

If a tooth is not treated with a root canal, the inflammation and decay
can spread to the rest of the mouth. The affected tooth will fall out
and the decay can move into the jawbone. As the jawbone deteriorates,
the rest of the teeth will start to fall out as well. Those who refuse
to have a root canal will suffer from extreme pain as the decay and
inflammation spreads throughout the rest of the mouth. Eliminating the
rot and decay in the first tooth will help to prevent its spread by
eliminating the root problem.

Benefits Getting a Root Canal

You also make it possible to maintain your smile without having to go
through procedures like bridges or implants. Root canals can be finished
in one office visit, rather than the multiple visits a bridge or an
implant requires. Additionally, when you opt to have a root canal, you
will not have to go through the unpleasant experience of having to
remove the tooth. The pain of a root canal can be managed and only lasts
for a day, leaving you years to enjoy a healthy and pain-free smile.

Dr. Darren Flowers Is the Choice for Root Canals in Anthem

As a dental professional since 1995, he is dedicated to providing you
the best in dental care. Your comfort is important to Dr. Flowers and
his friendly staff, and so you will be given anesthesia as you go
through the root canal process. Because every member of the staff is
experienced in providing root canals to patients, you will be given the
kind of care needed to assure you are able to enjoy a healthy and
beautiful smile. Put excellence in dentistry and consummate
professionalism on your side by scheduling an appointment with Dr.
Darren Flowers for your root canal.

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