Comfortable Tooth Extractions Are Our Specialty

Extracting a tooth creates anxiety for almost every dental patient. We’re aware most patients are going to be apprehensive, nervous, or fearful when they arrive to have a tooth removed.

Whether the tooth is being removed because of severe decay, damage caused by periodontal disease, overcrowding, an orthodontic treatment, or has been fractured in a way that the tooth can’t be saved, we want to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

Let our staff know of any concerns you have prior to treatment and we’ll make every effort to ensure that your treatment is as stress-free as possible.

Post-Operative Care

You'll be expected to follow some basic post-operative care instructions. The most important will be maintaining a clean mouth, which will reduce the risk of infection, and limit other complications that might occur.

Any extraction site will be covered with a gauze pad. The pad should remain in your mouth for a minimum of 45 minutes following the procedure. You will not be able to drink from a straw or rinse your mouth because it may dislodge the blood clot that has formed over the extraction site. It could also disrupt the sutures that were used to close the wound.

You'll need to limit physical activities for at least 24 hours. All daily routines can be continued the next day. Any prescribed pain medication should be taken to reduce discomfort once the anesthesia wears off.

Long-Term Care For The Site

When a tooth or teeth are removed, what fills the empty space in your mouth?

Before an extraction is performed, it's important to consider how the space in your mouth will be filled. If the space is not filled, the jaw bone can change shape as it heals, causing your teeth to shift. If the teeth shift, problems with a patient's bite can develop and affect the way you chew and speak.

Wisdom teeth are the one exception in dentistry. Located in the back of the mouth, wisdom teeth can be removed and the site will heal on its own, usually without complications.

If an implant is going to be used, a solid jaw bone is required for the implant procedure to be effective. If a bridge is going to be used, the bridge must be molded and placed before the teeth shift.

Be Prepared

At Anthem Smile Arizona, we recommend that every patient has a conversation with the dentist before any extraction is scheduled. The dentist will make a recommendation and prepare a treatment plan. Be sure to schedule follow-up appointments as required so the extraction site receives the proper care.

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