Five things You Can do to Overcome Dental Fears

dental fears

Dental fears or phobias have known to be just as troublesome for the dentist as they are for the patient. Even though going to the dentist becomes mandatory at some point, many people like to delay to the point the pain becomes unbearable. This is clearly a bad practice which often leads to more complications. A dentist’s visit is a must if you want your teeth to get the best care, especially when simply brushing regularly isn’t enough.

Women reportedly have more dental anxiety attacks than men; however, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you relax and feel more at ease the next time you visit your dentist:

1. Remember the End-goal

It is important that you remember why you need to go to the dentist. Good oral and dental health is very important as it helps you to:

  • Chew
  • Swallow
  • Talk
  • Carry yourself with confidence

Remember the advantage of the process you are to undergo, and it will give you the boost that you need. For example, yellow teeth can shatter your confidence especially whilst smiling and talking, and you become unnecessarily self-conscious. This is something nobody should have to go through.

2. Maintain a Conversation with Your Dentist

Dr Darren Flowers strongly recommends this particular method as it can help you greatly in staying calm and collected throughout the procedure. Talk about the weather or what your dentist likes to do when he/she is not working.

3. Discuss the Entire Procedure Beforehand

Many people feel intimidated by their dentist because of general unawareness on dental procedures. So if you want to do away with this fear of the unknown, ask your dentist about the pros and the cons of each procedure, how he/she will go about it, and what the success  (or failure) rate of the procedure is. You won’t feel as intimidated or on edge, that’s guaranteed.

4. Research on the quality of the dentist

Make sure that the dentist you go to is the best one in your area, like Dr Flowers is in the whole of Arizona, and has had several recommendations from other patients. Even though fear of the dentist is common among patients, it helps to do some research beforehand on the dentist you’re about to visit. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you are in good hands.

5. Use of Sedatives

Sedation dentistry plays an important role, especially when it comes to more complex procedures. With the help of sedatives and anaesthesias, dentists ensure that almost zero pain is felt by the patient during procedures. Ask your dentist what kind of sedatives or anaesthesia will be used to make sure you have no pain during the procedure.

If you still feel reluctant to visit the dentist and are looking for more ways to alleviate your fears, give us a call now on (623) 777-2924 and have all your worries erased instantly!